Samsung looks to make waves with that small but influential niche market of audiophiles with a new audio dock with a built-in tube amps!

Debuting next week at CES, the Samsung DA-E750 and DA-E670 boast 100 wats and 40 watts of power, respectively, and feature Samsung’s new “exclusive hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology – a digital amplifier’s sharp clarity combined with rich and warm sound performance of vacuum tubes.” Both audio docks also support Galaxy S and Apple devices as well as Apple’s Airplay technology and more.

Audiophiles in the digital realm are all about using uncompressed WAV formats and both Samsung docks support the format, but what looks to be missing is FLAC and support for AIFF formats; they better get both in there as well with the production runs. Nevertheless, we’re excited to hear both in real world settings.

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