01. Morgan celebrates 75 years of the 4/4 with special anniversary edition

“They don’t make ’em like they used to? Morgan would beg to differ. Because while 75 years may be a milestone many automakers would be glad to celebrate, this 75th anniversary doesn’t commemorate a company’s founding. Nor does it mark the years since a specific factory was inaugurated, the birth of the company’s founder or anything like that. This milestone is marked by one specific model.” (autoblog)

02. The Dumpster Project

“Like a young, curious boy trapped in a grown man’s body, collagist, animator, director and all-around creative renaissance man Mac Premo has collected a lifetime’s worth of somehow-sentimental objects in his Brooklyn Studio. Now, spurred by the move to a smaller studio, he was forced to get rid of many of these innumerable “treasures.” Rather than discard them Premo decided to build one massive collage inside a 30-yard dumpster, and thus The Dumpster Project was born.” (coolhunting)

03. The Joys of Earthquake-Free Architecture

“Admit it: That’s the most bad-ass conference room you’ve ever seen, and one that you’d never see in California. Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and constructed in tectonically-stable Copenhagen, it’s part of Danish bank Nykredit’s headquarters, which features a total of three such rooms cantilevered over the atrium.” (core77)

04. First Look 2012: Oil Tanks Tate Modern

“Plenty to look forward to in 2012 now that we know our mortal reckoning was a small misunderstanding by anthropologists. This week we’ll be looking at a number of London-based happenings starting with the much anticipated regeneration of the Oil Tanks in the Tate Modern’s new annexe designed by Herzog & de Meuron. The ambitious redevelopment will be home to performances and an auditorium and while still under construction, the Tate Modern Project site offers lots of insight into its progress.” (itsnicethat)

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