Where form meets function

01. Ice Hockey Stadium Of Ondrej Nepela / Fischer Architects (above)

“Purpose of this project was to reconstruct and extend original stadium in Bratislava to satisfy present parameters for service of this type of facility with possibility to organize international sport or cultural events. This place has long history where was brought up a many of Czechoslovak and Slovak hockey players and figure skaters. Stadium was synonym of success, victories and national proud for a long time. ” (archdaily)

02. Beautifully Renovated Apartment in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter by YLAB Architects

“YLAB has renovated an aging 130 square meter apartment in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter into a beautiful modern home. The original space is composed of a sequence of bright and spacious rooms connected by large arched openings, with balconies along the façade and an inner courtyard. Original features are maintained such as traditional Catalan ceilings with wooden beams and vaulted arches, as well as exterior carpentry with wooden shutters. The project is based on a reinterpretation of the existing spatial structure of different rooms with differentiated uses and atmospheres, redefining the assigned uses and functions and creating new spatial and visual connections without allowing the traditional elements to predominate. The aim is to create a peaceful environment which allows its young owner privacy and a work place, while creating a social meeting place for meals and parties. ” (inhabitant)

03. House in Lisbon | Mariana Cidade by d10photo

“This project had as main objective to make the most of a courtyard at the back a house situated in Lisbon in order to bring light to the interior spaces. The creation of an intermediate space between the exterior and interior of the house was crucial as a global strategy to joint movement inside the house and to create a
direct relationship between the interior and exterior. The house’s backyard which connects the living room and kitchen creates a small heaven of tranquility in the chaotic city where it belongs.” (archinect)

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