CR turns us onto a new edition of Vatsyayana classic, Kama Sutra, coming soon on Penguin Classics under their Graphic Deluxe series. The challenge with Kama Sutra as described by word-form illustrator, Malika Favre, whose work is featured on the cover, is that the book houses no images.

The graphic design and presentation of the Kama Sutra comes only through the cover work: “There are no pictures inside the book so the challenge was to make the cover sexy, modern and daring without being vulgar or over the top. I decided to create a very bold and playful alphabet that would run across both flaps and front and back cover spelling “Kama Sutra.”

The beautifully re-worked edition of Kama Sutra arrives stateside on January 31 from Penguin Classics. Available from Amazon.

Photography: CR

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