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Could the cassette tape be making a comeback? Zack Taylor and Seth Smoot have created CASSETTE: A Documentary about the topic. Check out the trailer, as well as some interesting facts pertaining to the cassette tape.

A few months ago, the term cassette tape was taken out of the Oxford English Dictionary.

It may seem ironic, then, that the cassette has experienced a quiet comeback over the last few years, as independent labels issuing tape-only releases have begun popping up around the world.

What better excuse to take a look back at this beloved musical format?

As recorded sound continues its love affair with the downloadable, ethereal digital file, the tangible artefact is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Help us celebrate the A Side, the B Side, the mixtape, and the whole of cassette culture by supporting Cassette: A Documentary. We’ll look at all parts of popular culture influenced by the cassette, including hip-hop and B-Boy culture, indie rock, home recording, and beyond.

Go to the CASSETTE site to see more information and go to Kickstarter to help by donating to their cause.