As we mentioned yesterday, n.d.c. is a Belgian company that produces some handsome handmade shoes for lads and lasses. What we left out is that they also make belts, bags and keyrings. Don’t think we’ve turned many cartwheels over the latter item, but belts and bags sure are fun. These bags look sharp, sturdy and almost freakishly soft—prefect pillows for airport terminals, perhaps. The belts seem to be everything a belt should be: not too thick, not too skinny; a little worn in and rustic without looking dead.

Since we’re here again, it seems prudent to mention that, along with keeping a sense of humor about their endeavors, n.d.c. has pledged to eschew trends and hew to individuality. Hard to exact concrete evidence of that from a single lookbook, but the big suede duffels do carry the air of an intriguing stranger working the fringes of a cocktail party. Also alluring, n.d.c. have proprietary concoctions of natural waxes and oils used for finishing. Flagship stores are in Brussels and Paris if you want to check the softness for yourself. -jt

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