Where form meets function

Some days we get worked up in a genuine tizzy over the surplus of clever font stuff perpetually oozing from the crevices in the Interweb. Other days we wish everything could just be left in American Typewriter. This collaboration between London design studio Johnson Banks and Ravensbourne, a digital media university in the U.K., doubles down on the zeitgeist obsession with typography by turning the alphabet into a series of conceptual sculptures. In that sense, perhaps they are tripling down. Whatever the numbers, the letters are interesting. The jumping off point for each piece is a font that beings with its parent letter (A is Akzidenz Grotesk, B is Bodoni, C is Courier …). We’re taken with E, F, J, L, S, and T. O gets an honorable mention for looking like a vaginal take on Superman’s house. – jt

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