Michael Kluver’s design studio hews to what he calls “journalistic design,” which involves using “words, imagery and three-dimensional work” to comment on the world. Here, he reports on the way we sit with the re-imagining of four iconic chairs by Eames, Rietveld, Brewer and Mackintosh. The collection is called “Just Chairs,” and the cheekiness doesn’t stop there, for you see, each design has been wrestled back into the parameters of the most basic chair form imaginable. Each one is the same height, width, depth and angle—a design trick Kluver hopes will demystify the past and ask “important questions with regards to the future.”

So will we go back to sitting in rigid upright seats? Impossible to say. One thing is for certain, however, we won’t be sitting in any of these. The only things for sale here are 100 sets of prints of illustrations of the chairs; perfect for framing and admiring from a comfortable spot on your couch. (nalden)

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