Where the runway meets the street

88 years is a fair amount of time for a brand like UMBRO. Shit, I remember in high school the competition was always between Diadora and UMBRO. Like a land war. The scruffs in school went for the UMBRO of course, including myself. Did it mean I played better? Hell no. If anything is designated me as one of those picks that would do the man handling necessary to sway the ball in our team’s favor. I thank UMBRO everyday for making me the player I am.

In all serious, today UMBRO continues to build off their legacy in a very proper manner. The launch of the UMBRO Icons Re-issue collecton, a four garment array of some classic favorites – the ’66 Anthem Jacket, the Mexico ’70 Jersey, the Taped Track Jacket and Drill Top. Each garment is a stitch by stitch authentic construction of the originals.  If you know the game, you will know these four “Icons” from the UMBRO collection. For those new to the game, put on some cleats and tear up the turf.

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