Undertones of bygone days reign in YMC’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, this time recalling an England before everyone was connected by smartphones: “a more innocent but infinitely freer place where the summers really did seem to last forever.” We’ll buy some of that, as the looks here are light and fairly timeless. Silk, light cotton, and canvas hold court; the latter in a pretty dope waxed duffle coat. The color palette also hits on the theme with hopeful blues contrasting tallowy earth tones.

While the themes of so many of this year’s collections directly referencing, and often lamenting, what we’re missing from the past is not anything new, it is especially poignant as technological advances in connectivity continue coming to a head and continue making it harder for people to look one another in the eyes. Just saying—it makes us glad that clothes are still clothes and we can still have enjoy just wearing them.

More looks in our gallery…

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