Where the runway meets the street

It’s the 70’s. You are of the Northern Soul persuasion and you’re practicing your spins before a Saturday session. The television is cased in wood. Your dinner involves Smash, you wreak of Brut and just like most of  your mates you’re about to don a Gabicci shirt.

Well, If you’ve got a hankering for those days of old you’re in luck. Inspired by a trip to Gabicce Mare in Italy, its founders returned, swapped an ‘e’ for an ‘i’ and created the brand in 1973.  Slick knit shirts with a 50s/60s American poolside feel, the little gold G would become a fixture on the chests of British boys looking to impress.

The brand has had various revivals and seen itself appropriated by a selection of rudeboy influenced subcultures for the past few decades. Here they are again, looking to find a place in 2012. With so many labels trading in on their  supposed ‘heritage’ whilst pushing a collection bearing little resemblance to the originals, hats off to Gabicci for keeping that trademark look. For some the label might carry too much unwanted nostalgia, however a new audience might find their cool knits a bit of a novelty.

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