Where form meets function

Lots of nifty ideas at play here as Japan’s Nendo unveils some new additions to their one-percent collection. Why one-percent, you ask? Because of each design only 100 pieces are made, meaning if you buy one of any of them, you own one-percent. We’re tempted to snatch up several percentage points, as every piece has something novel to brag.

Stacking is a big theme, with cups and flower vases piling up in artfully ingenious ways. Coffee guzzlers we are, and the single cup drip system pictured above is most alluring (there is a small hole in the bottom of the top saucer-cup piece). When our systems cannot safely process any more java, we have been known to switch to tea, and the tea cup set makes that shift more alluring—for the teapot and cups have little wooden lids that double as spinning tops. Via Dezeen.

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