Where the runway meets the street

We played the hell out of some FIFA 2012 the other night and can still hear the roar of the crowd as Chelsea striker Drogba scored a game-winning goal against Arsenal. The attention to detail on that game is just insane, though we can’t recall what the floodlight/shadow situation is.

If the Bumpy Pitch crew had joined that match, they probably would have taken distinct note, as they have intense memories from childhood of the shadows the players cast under the floodlights as they watched a game on the tele: “It looked like a cross, or a helicopter propeller or a giant X.” With that indelible memory at the fore, the purveyors of wearable meditations on soccer culture bring us the “Floodlight” graphic, a year in the making, but years in formation. We can’t imagine many soccer heads passing on this one. Get it here.

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