You might not know this about us—because why the hell would you—but among our numbers we have a deep familial connection to the Cascade mountain range in the Pacific Northwest. These alpine boots, while initially reminding us of the Swiss Alps, have louder resonance in relation to tramping up the side of one of North America’s steep and beautiful counterparts. As we’ve mentioned in the past, Ovadia & Sons are also all about family tradition, being a New York-based, family run outfit with 25 years of history over their shoulder.

Their new hiking boot features a hand-stitched Vibram Commando sole and comes in two colorways: brown leather with red flannel ankle padding, and chocolate suede with blue. They are made in Italy and, it would seem, made to make memories on the side of a pretty mountain. Available for pre-order later this month when Ovadia & Sons relaunches their website.

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