Where the runway meets the street

Not sure why we are so drawn to the long underwear in Shipley & Halmos‘ Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Maybe it is that thing from youth, where even though nobody sees them all day, your Superman Underoos have you walking taller and feeling generally invincible. On a cold night anywhere, we would certainly feel more confident (and warm) in these. But that’s just the tip of it. This collection is built around “themes of nostalgia and cold weather retreats inspired by Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos’ annual trip to Colorado … anchored in diverse outerwear, surprising textures, and unique layering.”

There is a cleanliness to these looks that borders on generic but the threat of ennui dissolves when you take in the idiosyncratic touches—like the slightly Poindexter fit of some of the pants and jackets or the fuzzy and sleek contrast of materials. Having spent enough time there, we feel confident saying that this stuff could contend with Colorado winter weather. It is also wearable enough that even the fashion-timid males that populate much of the state could find some stuff to put on.

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