Where form meets function

House Ocho is a stunner of a home located among oak forests and meadows in a nature preserve in the Santa Lucia Mountains. Designed by Feldman Architecture and completed in 2004, the domicile settles into the ground and has overhanging roofs planted with tall native grasses. We are endlessly thrilled and enthralled with eco-friendly houses that manage to look so detached from the trappings of the grid.

As Arch Daily explains:

After passing through an entry grove, visitors can see distant views between and over the various building elements. As they are drawn into the widening view, they are led down from the tree-lined ridge to a large terrace that serves as an outdoor living room for the house. Nearly every room has wide doors that open to the land allowing the modest home to feel much more spacious … When only the owners are home, the guest wing can be shut off, electrically and thermally … A passive solar design strategy was implemented as well: large windows expose the concrete floors and retaining walls to the morning sun, thus minimizing the need for artificial heat.

Similar question as before: when can we move in to the guest cottage?

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