Ever since our Drakkar Noir days in high school failed to garner us the attention we desired, we have not been quick to wet ourselves with fragrances. So word of a new smell from Lacoste is not head-turning news. Still, this one promises a “dynamic, masculine, fresh and spicy scent based on a triple blend of brilliant spices: Madagascan black pepper, Indian ginger and Guatemalan cardamom.” That all sounds like stuff we would like to eat on food and maybe by extension of that logic, those smells emanating from our bodies would make the objects of our desires want to eat us.

Rouge joins brother EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 scents Blanc, Bleu and Vert. The other three are said to be “pure, powerful and relaxed” respectively. Rouge is energetic, making it an apt choice for the (desired) rigors of warm weather.

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