Where the runway meets the street

We have to hand it to S.E.H Kelly, there isn’t a piece in their current collection that we would n0t happily grab. Keeping the line compact means that each piece feels a bit more special. That’s possibly because every item is. Details – more in production rather than unnesccesary touches – are always explained in the website. Knowing where and how your item came about can only be a good thing right?

They recently alerted us to this latest addition, a simple cord jacket, features a cashmere collar from a North Yorkshire Mill, “nowhere in the country knows machine-finished cashmere better. The cloths off its line are of the highest grade”. The horn buttons are from the last manufacturer of horn and corozo buttons in England, a business dating back to the mid-1800s. Finally, the whole jacket is finished off in a small North London factory by skilled seamsters and seamstresses. It should also be noted that this jacket comes with inner straps that allow it to be carried neatly when cycling or just out n’ about.

A lot goes into making these pieces, the finished result is something that looks great but also leaves you reassured that you’ve invested in quality. Good vibes all round.

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