Where form meets function

An incredible installation by Sipho Mabona – uncut sheets of U.S dollars transform into a threatning swarm of locusts. Mabona is a master of origami; a European artist big in the home of his art, Japan, he has been turning bits of paper into all manner of things since the age of five. This work relates to the current financial situation which, and you may not have heard yet, is pretty dire.

Mabona explains “Money is our prime signifier of both ambition and perdition. Money has gone from being an elementary medium of exchange to being a means of exploitation…Yet money per se, when one looks at something as plain as a one-dollar-bill, always retains its basic ability to function as a pragmatic unit of accounting for goods & services. Therefore money is also a blessing.”  The installation will be on display at the Japanese American National Museum in L.A. until August 26. (Yatzer)

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