Where the runway meets the street

You know that thing with that legion of diamond-encrusted rappers where they wear a bunch of white that always stays clean because they are so rich that everyone else does their dirty work? Yeah, well, not only is it kind of dumb and arrogant, it is also totally cheerless. To our way of thinking, the man who rolls in a pair of bright yellow pants proves to the world that he can keep himself clean and has a whimsical streak to boot. Who would you rather hang out with, really, the smiling guy in yellow pants our the pouty-faced thug in white jeans?

Industry of all Nations is feeling us on this [unconfirmed]. Have a look at their latest Clean Jeans, in yellow for spring. These are hand-loomed selvedge denim made with 100-percent organic cotton and dyed naturally in IOAN’s dye house in Southeast India. Here, plant pigments and insect resins are used, eliminating the need for petrochemicals. You can pick them up right here—if you are the right kind of man, that is.

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