The always spot-on Selvedge Yard brings this pad to our attention. Shot in 1965 for Architectural Digest,  located near Sagaponack for anyone who knows the Hamptons, the area was well know for its creative community with James Jones, Willem de Kooning, Joseph Heller and Jean Stafford all owning residences locally. This place, a mish-mash of styles and periods, was an escape from living it large in New York for Capote who also owned 6 surrounding acres and reveled in the fact that he could barely see another home.

“I spend most of my time out here reading, writing, going for walks with my dog and talking on the telephone. I see people in New York; I don’t see New York people out here. I hardly see anyone when I’m here. In the past 14 years, since I’ve had this house, I’ve gone out six times for dinner. Now that’s quite a record for someone known for being so social, isn’t it? Besides, whom would I entertain? I only know about four people I’d really have over!” Head over to The Selvedge Yard for more.

Images: Condeˆ Nast Archive/Corbis

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