We’re pretty loyal to Apple for obvious reasons. However it never hurts to check out the competition looking to steal back a bit of the limelight. Rival companies have been working hard to create attention grabbing, user friendly goods and there’s plenty out there to make you rethink your attachment to your i-stuff. This offering from HP may not be the object that forces you to break ranks but it’s still a rather interesting take on the Workstation PC.

The Z1 is designed for those who enjoy breaking things down, popping open behind its 27 inch screen to allow for all kinds of internal tinkering – no tools necessary. “Easily add a hard drive, upgrade memory, or access the graphics card by snapping it open….enhance your work with the HD Webcam, SRS Premium Sound processing and whisper-quiet acoustics. And unleash your creativity on a workstation that’s worthy of it.” For many, what happens backstage should remain a mystery, as long as it all functions up front then game on. However if you’re the curious type who wants a little more control over their system this might be worth investigating. Available April, more info at HP.

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