i-D bring a little video action from the launch of ‘Growing up Black’ by Dennis Morris. A man who’s had an interesting career to say the least, his hand in just about everything. Musician, image maker, designer…Becoming official photographer for the Bob Marley Tour in his teens was a pretty good start. Throughout everything he’s kept his camera by his side, the result of which is this impressive volume featuring images from the 60s and 70s, chronicling Black Britain through the era. Professor Stuart Hall who provides text for the book comments;

“In this selection from his archive, Dennis Morris gives us a beautifully well-judged and eloquent portrait of the black diaspora, frozen at a particular moment in time. It is pregnant with anticipations of what is still to come, infused with future possibilities. We are invited to read these images backwards and forwards. Growing up black in the 1970s, they suggest, was not so much a state of being as a state of becoming.

Read more from i-D here. Find Growing up Black by Dennis Morris here.

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