Do not let them tell you wrestling is not real. For as much fanfare and acrobatics that go into the sport, the truth is that even faking a maneuver hurts. Ask two of the greats, above, how fake their in the ring work was. Today is the 25th anniversary of what may qualify as the greatest wrestling spectacular of all time: Wrestlemania III. The big match featured the true living legend, Andre the Giant, a man massive enough to scare the kids but with a complete sense of humbleness and sensitivity outside the ring. Unlike Hogan, who went on to turn heel with his entry into the N.W.O. (a very necessary move), the Giant just lived and refused to over-tan himself. I respect that.

Grantland goes well deep into Wrestlemania III with this essay. We highly recommend it.

What’s more real: wrestling or wearing a railroad chore jacket in public?

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