There are some folks out there being rather foolish on their bikes. You’ve got to get your lighting right. Riding around like an invisible ninja may look cool but sooner or later it’s going to land you in a lot of trouble. Safety announcement over. Anyway, Dutch company Vanmoof have been creating bicycles in a land crazy for two wheels since 2009. They’ve recently got together with electronics and lighting specialist Philips to create the M2; the star of the show – a fully integrated lighting system, completely wireless, operated by an inbuilt power switch.

“Inspired by the latest LED technology, as used in the car industry, the system empowers cyclists with an impressive power beam (40lux) and 320 degrees of visibility. It requires a minimum of additional pedal power due to the integrated dynamo.”

To ensure you’re still well lit once you stop pedalling an afterburner keeps the system going for at least 1.5 minutes on standstill. Clever stuff. The bike itself is a super simple, clean design. Anodised frame, stainless steel parts, 100% rustproof and “a fully integrated chain lock developed in cooperation with leading German lock specialist ABUS.” Safety first, more on the Vanmoof M2 here. (AQ)

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