Where the runway meets the street

I guess we should be thinking Dundee, but this sharp, sci-fi-cut crocodile jacket from Issac Sellam has us thinking Dune. Another tale: in preschool, one of us had a pair of sweatpants with silver padded knee guards that made us look and feel like a veritable spaceman superhero. One day, while striding confidently and coolly out of the bathroom at school in these pants, we knocked over a fish bowl, killing the class pet.

The lesson here is this: one must be careful when wearing clothes this spectacular. They have the power to put notions of grandeur in your cranium. Temper them and you can breeze into a bar looking like fucking outback Paul Atreides; let the notions overtake you, and you’ll trip over a barstool. Atrium can take you there.

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