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One of the more interesting results of the ultra limited ticketing for next week’s run of Kraftwerk shows at the MOMA in NYC is that the very few who have tickets have been shamed into not discussing their tickets. It’s a bit true: less than 500 or so tickets were made public for each of the eight shows making up “Kraftwerk – Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8” and with the world hating as hard as they are at the almost non-access these show have planted – those holding tickets are keeping their mouth’s shut from possible “shaming.” Sad, I think.

In line with the Retrospective, Kraftwerk is re-issuing their 2009 “The Catalogue” box set in a newly limited edition “black” box variant. This looks to be a specialre-packaging of their 2009 edition (which had its own mastering war between the US and German versions of the boxset – their fans are fucking serious). What we know is that the new “black” box is limited to 2000 units and will be available to those attending the MOMA shows next week. Those not attending can pre-order from Boomkat or Juno now. I would highly recommend it.

More looks at the new special box on the following page.

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