You know how sometimes, when you walk into a person’s house for the first time, you notice a very unique smell? A lot of it seems to stem back to childhood, when one of your friends had a house that always smelled like soup. Then there was the house that smelled like five dogs.

Frightening to think that your own house or apartment might have a signature odor that you can’t even begin to detect because you live with it. This is where, we imagine, a room spray like this might come in handy. Produced by Cire Trudon, this spray—with hints of aldehyde, incense vapors, lily of the valley, incense, labdanum and benzoin—comes in a handmade 13-ounce glass bottle crafted by a glassmaker in Vinci and mists the room by-way of an old-timey atomizer. Mohawk General Store has the supply.

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