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Propellerhead Software presents their new $1 Figure iPhone App. While there are already numerous apps in the beat space, they thought they could make it easier, faster and simply more fun with Figure. From what we have seen so far, that might actually be true. The way beats and sounds are created in the app is the real innovation, rather than the musical output. Any amateur can actually start producing beats in the matter of a short time and enjoy the outcoming sounds.

““Playing bass, drums, and lead melodies on Figure all happens through the performance pads. These have been designed for touch control from the beginning. You can tap them like traditional keyboards or pad controllers or you can simply hold your finger down and let the rhythm wheels provide a pattern for you. You can easily tap into the sound-sculpting power of Thor’s filters, envelopes, and effects by adjusting each preset’s “Tweaks”. Don’t know what a filter or envelope is? No problem! Just move your finger along the same performance pad and listen to the changes in sound.””

More info on the app follows here.

Check out the video demonstration here below.

You can purchase the Figure app here.

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