A damn-near necessity for public showers, soap on a rope is usually a pragmatic affair—basic soap, basic rope, basic cleanliness. Need Supply Co. has teamed with Richmond Soap Studio and upped the profile of this utilitarian wonder with a clever concept: fancy soap, fancy rope, superlative cleanliness.

There is also a rich lather of sarcasm worked up here. You see, each soap comes attached to a fancy ribbon and bears a “1,” “2” or a “3” based on which podium you want to climb metaphorically. The gold medal “Scent of a Winner” soap bears Champagne, lemon, spearmint, saponified organic olive, coconut and palm oils. The “Scent of a Loser” bar comes with a consolatory first ingredient—beer—followed by bitters and dead sea salt. Need Supply has them now.

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