Where the runway meets the street

We have a friend who often posits the theory that a lady’s level of general insanity is directly proportionate to the amount of animal print she wears. We are not saying that he is right, but there have been a few occasions when his hypothesis rang out like a church bell.

We bring this up in reference to IUTER‘s Anni 90 t-shirts—the shirt pictured above and, moreover, the two leopard jobs pictured after the jump. We do not know if his idea lends itself to manly behaviors, but there you will find a little or a lot of catskin for you based on how much crazy you want to risk inviting. The folks at IUTER found these intriguing prints (which all date back to the ’90s) in their supplier’s warehouse (in Milan). Definitely not your average t-shirts. We like the elephants.

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