HUH takes a look through Issue 3 of Norwegian skate magazine Dank, a term meaning “passing time whilst doing absolutely nothing”, something I’m sure we can all relate to. Friends Jørn Aagaard, Aksel Overskott and Eirik Traavik joined forces in 2009 to create their homeland’s first skating publication, aiming to produce something with the spirit of a zine but the look and quality of more popular mags.

“With the thought of making a gritty fanzine about skating. We’d all skated for over ten years, and were working in journalism and graphic design on a freelance basis when not studying. We thought it could be a fun project to work on, and figured that the zine would provide an excellent excuse to throw a couple of release parties.”

Inspired by publications such as Fantastic Man, strong visuals and well-written stories should keep even non-skaters amused. Available at HUH.

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