Where the runway meets the street

We get through a lot of Shoe making videos over here, this one from French label ETS Callatay has to be a favourites.  A ‘One Man and his Last’ set up, we’ve seen huge factories, the whizzing of machines, the lines of craftsmen in charge of the tiniest of actions but this is shoe-making in its near homemade form. Some nails, glue, a sharp knife, a lighter – almost something out of nothing, the finished shoe as impressive as the production process.

LN-CC who created this fine film tell us, “These shoes are handmade from start to finish in Paris and all components are sourced in France. The full process from initial design, pattern making, model making and prototype production is run from their Parisian workroom and each pair of shoes takes 25 hours to hand make.” Any DIY fans, as simple as it may look don’t forget, these guys are pros, glue plus lighter potentially = no eyebrows.

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