Where the runway meets the street

Some of the perimeter particulars of this interesting collaboration have been lost in translation, but we are happy to report that the awesomeness remains fully intact. Meaty Japanese publication HUGE magazine’s June 2012 issue is set to drop next week celebrating things that are made in America, or as they inform: “Seek what we have been lost these years, and looking for an American pride, American spirits, and American dream.”

They’ve joined forces with the Found MUJI, MUJI’s Aoyama shop that specializes in creating reproductions of durable goods they seek out. For the joint exhibition seemingly titled “FOUND THE USA Focus on daily American objects” and “MADE IN USA Fascination” Found MUJI will feature a special line of recreations of vintage goods that were originally made in the U.S.A. as a thematic tie-in to the new issue of HUGE.

Bigger cover shot and flyer after the jump…

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