Caps. What needs to be said about a good cap? They protect your head from too much sun, too much rain and even too much wind. There are all kinds of hats in the world. Here are seven that recently made us want to put one on.

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SASQUATCHfabrixJaponism Panama Cap
We showed you this rather ingenious hat earlier this week and are already back for seconds. Woven from paper, this one is slight and sort of surreal. It would be nearly impossible not to feel more than a little special with this on your melon. Just don’t let that feeling go to your head.

John B StetsonLeather Cadet Cap
Like great power, great ear flaps come with great responsibility. Namely, the larger the earflaps on your hat, the more you are indebted to behave like a deranged Bill Murray character. This means lots of talking with numb lips, excessive but stylish consumption and some loose but weird flirtations with any ladies in the room. The flaps on this subtle number from Stetson are small and understated, however, so a slightly wacky golf swing will suffice.

BorsalinoWoven Trilby

This hat, by contrast, is all sorts of classy. With this on your head you will probably be unable to stop yourself from crossing your legs daintily and wishing you had remembered to put on your nicest silk socks. Made from cotton and the fibers of the Abaca plant (a hemp material native to Banana trees in the Philippines) this one is perfect for summer sauntering.

FairendsGhana Camp Cap

This hat is very lively. It was made here in the U.S.A. from special fabric found in Ghana. Put this on and cool shit is bound to happen to you. As a test, raise one hand as you walk down the street with this on your head and count the spontaneous high-fives you rack up.

Lock & Co. HattersGrouse

This hat has some definite old-man steeze to it, but old men are often smart and practical and most of them are better dressed than four of your sharpest 30-year-olds combined. This hat will make you look very astute—especially when it is raining. When it is dry, you can crush it down and pocket it.


Maybe it is because a young one is watching Ghostbusters in the other room as we type this, but we are throwing some more ear flaps into the mix. The drop-downs on this waterproof lovely are doubtlessly effective in keeping your hear-holes warm, but they look most alluring folded up, don’t you think?

Honorable Mention – Ale et Ange
Our buddy Jeremiah from Aloha Rag has an amazing blue flannel hat from Ale et Ange that we have quietly plotted the thievery of for some time now. Why would we resort to petty theft? Because this one-time Lower East Side boutique specializing in garments made by the owners from hand-selected fabrics is now closed. Protect your neck, Jeremiah. Turns out we don’t need to. Ale et Ange is not closed, they moved to a new location at 40 Rivington Street and are still selling their fabulous hats. Your cap is safe, Jeremiah … for now.

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