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“Streets of the World” opens this weekend at the New York City location of Opera Gallery. The installation features 40 of the more prominent street artists from around the globe. The show is meant to highlight the phenomenon of “street artists” transitioning into the contemporary gallery scene. The majority of the pieces on display were created specifically for the ‘Streets of the World’ installation – running May 11th – May 31.

Some of the artists who contributed work are: Rone, Kid Zoom, ROA, Blek le Rat, Herakut, How and Nosm, The London Police, Nick Walker, Saber, Revok, Faile, Bäst, Swoon, Ron English, Trustocorp, Mare 139, Jose Parla, Eric Haze, Logan Hicks, Aiko and Banksy.

A handful of the exhibiting artists attended the opening soiree earlier this week, including Ron English. Definitely stop through if you find yourself in SoHo between now and May 31st. A broader ranging collection of street-to-gallery art can probably not be found under any other single roof.

Photography: Jacob Breinholt/

Many more images from the preview show on the following page.

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