Where the runway meets the street

To complete the look inspiring these shorts from Left Field would require a matching blazer, a striped tie and some collapsed white socks. Then again, aping a style icon like AC/DC’s Angus Young to a tee would be a bit of an embarrassment unless you have a perfect duck-walk and can rip out raunchy chords on a six-string. Why not avoid all of the confusion and just go with these tribute shorts from the “Angus Young Goes to Princeton Collection,” available in a good slew of colors and made in the U.S.A. with organic cotton.

The length differs from a lot of men’s shorts offerings this season—going down a bit closer to the knee—but the tighter fit makes for a cohesive look for your lower half. A wise move by LF to go with the schoolboy shorts instead of some of the guitarist’s earlier stage costumes: Spider-Man, Zorro, a gorilla, and Super-Ang. Pick up a pair here.

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