We had not given a ton of thought to automatons until having our hair blown back a bit by Martin Scorsese’s Hugo last year. We are back in “holy damn” territory thanks to this look at a coin operated automaton depicting St. Dennistoun Mortuary that comes our way via Morbid Anatomy (naturally).

By a similar stroke, we have not been as smitten with mortuaries since Six Feet Under went off the air. Taking it one step further, the last time we put a quarter in a machine and felt satisfied with our purchase, it was a Super Street Fighter II kiosk back in 1995. So yes, this grim little automaton wins on many levels. After a coin goes in, “doors open and the room is lighted revealing four morticians and four poor souls on embalming tables, the morticians move as if busily at work on their grisly task and mourners standing outside bob their heads as if sobbing in grief.” Again, “holy damn.”

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