Our friends at Food Republic bring us a series of recipes proper for the great spring and summer weather. They revolve around the greatest of American dishes: hot dogs. Who doesn’t love hot dogs? Vegetarians of course, but these are clearly not recipe choices for them. Get in with three recipes that wrap jambalaya, zucchini-mint, and broccoli rabe around those meat sticks.

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Jambalaya Dog With Holy Trinity Relish

“Jambalaya is a Cajun dish that’s really pretty simple: sauteed holy trinity (peppers, onions and celery), andouille sausage and/or other meat and Cajun spices cooked with rice. That sounded to me like a Jambalaya dog just waiting to happen. I made a holy trinity relish out of peppers, onions and celery (and of course, Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning) with a little actual relish to bind it together. It adds a crunchy, refreshing element to the spicy sausage.”

Broccoli Rabe And Provolone Hot Dog

“One of our big goals in last month’s grill-centric Test Kitchen was inventing easy new ways to trick out hot dogs. We discovered our ability to pair a sausage with the toppings that best suit it. First up: the Italian dog. One of our favorite side dishes with any Italian classic, like gooey homemade eggplant parmesean or the labor of love that is lasagna, is bitter, toothsome broccoli rabe sauteed very simply with garlic, olive oil and just a pinch of red chili flakes. It happens to make an excellent topping for an Italian sausage in a crisp, toasted bun with melted provolone.”

Merguez Dog With Zucchini-Mint Slaw

“Everywhere I went in Morocco, I was guaranteed three things: merguez, zucchini and couscous. And believe me, I tried really hard to incorporate couscous into this sausage recipe, but it simply didn’t take. Instead, julienned zucchini and chopped fresh mint make a crisp, refreshing topping to cut through spicy lamb sausage. The result is so much more than your average backyard hot dog.”

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