Where form meets function

How rich the life lived in a house that holds an art gallery and is itself a work of art. Them is some serious layers, yo. But of course you must keep your composure in an environment so crisp and refined as this. New York architect Steven Holl has hidden a subterranean, nay, subaqueous, gallery beneath a pool of water. Exciting, we know, but keep it in your pocket as you peruse the photos of this austere and impressive live-work space located in Seoul, South Korea.

And just in case you have any doubts about how serious this seriously awesome building is, just know that “The basic geometry … is inspired by a 1967 sketch for a music score by the composer Istvan Anhalt, ‘Symphony of Modules,’ which was discovered in a book by John Cage titled Notations.” (dezeen)

Photography by Iwan Baan and Inho Lee

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