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Stephen Shore has been photographing “everyday” Americans for decades. in the 70’s he began keeping visual journals that sequenced day to day scenes and “snapshots” of the world around him. In 2003, Shore began experimenting with Apple’s on-demand iPhoto book printing service and by 2008 he had produced 83 volumes of the book – now all on permanent display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

With the help of Phaidon, Shore is now collecting all 83 volumes into a massive two-volume hardcover limited edition set. At just over 2,300 pages, the two volume The Book Of Books features more than 1000 color photographs from his iPhoto book series showcased in chronological order. 250 copies of the two-volume bookset will on sale tomorrow, June 6 on for $2,500.

Photography: Stephen Shore

Looks from inside the new two-volume set on the following page.

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