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When it comes to denim, we believe that the clean and simple always wins. In just about all other categories of fashion, we keep our eyes out for the details; the small applications that turn a normal brogue shoe or jacket into a unique and special piece, whereas in the world of denim the opposite is important to us. Avoiding the details and keeping denim to the bare-bones utilitarian look that started the industry ages ago is essential for our wear. Leave the complexities to your tops, accessories and shoes.

Agave Denim’s limited edition Gold Label indigo dyed selvedge is a solid example of this. Designed in Portland by Agave’s Jeff Shafer, the Gold Label edition denim is free of most details (sans a selvedge line on the coin pocket) and is produced in California using Japanese Kuroki mill 12oz. raw selvedge. It comes in a straight and tapered cut for your preference and is finished with a button fly to keep it all in. 300 pairs have been produced. Available online.

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