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Seems like just yesterday we were posting up images from the last round of London Fashion Week shows, now here we are, back again to see what’s on its way for Spring/Summer 2013. However, all change over at Somerset House. Men’s day is now ‘London Collections: Men’,  a 3 day spectacular featuring homegrown talent and a few foreign interlopers.  More time devoted to Men’s garms can only be a good thing, so with this in mind we talk to a selection of designers getting ready to show in the coming days.

First up, the talented Katie Eary, a Royal College of Art grad whose ‘aggressive yet noble menswear’ continues to draw praise from all quarters.

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London Collections: Men is on its way, what do you think about this extended menswear schedule?

KE – I think it was the next step really. It had to happen. London’s menswear is getting stronger and louder and so it’s perfect timing really to bring it to London. We have been showing on par with Womens fashion week, by then the buyers would have spent all their budget, so it makes more sense to be on the same schedule as the rest of the world.

What do you think prompted this new focus on menswear?

KE – I think London’s menswear has been bubbling away for the last few years. It has become so strong you cant ignore it…

Can you tell us a little about the initial stages of creating your SS13 collection? How did it all begin?
KE – I think of my muse, what is he doing, where is he in the world right now… I guessed he would be bumming around California, Skating. This was my starting point, from there i designed for my muse and his mates.

-What can you tell us about SS13? How would you describe this upcoming collection?


-How do you think the London menswear scene has changed over the past, say, 5 years?

KE – Its become bolder, more accepting of new ideas and conceptual design…
-Do you think people are more receptive to new ideas in men’s fashion now or is progress still quite slow?

KE – I think areas of menswear are slower to move forwards and be bold, but i think the younger designers are really pushing it.

-Is there a particular piece in the collection you’re looking forward to revealing?

KE – Yes of course! hahaha, I’d say most of it (humbly of course)

-What’s to come once LFW is done and dusted?


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