Where the runway meets the street

There is a clear and present danger with Outlier. The more of their products you acquire, the more of them you crave. We have heard plenty of complaints about the price point on their goods, but we explained it to one skeptical cycling buddy this way: “You are ok with dropping a couple hundred dollars on a new part for your bike, right? Why not think of their pants as a new part for your bike?” Speaking to their dungarees and three-way-shorts from experience, it is worth the asking price, as the stuff keeps on keeping on for very long.

And that is partially why we have avoided picking up one of their many alluring shirts. This could be the one that breaks the seal, however. The Supermarine Rain Shirt: it bears their pivot sleeves and breathes through highly water resistant, Italian Supermarine Cotton. “It’s not waterproof to government spec,” we are told, “but you can walk around for an hour in it during a storm and stay dry.” Alright already: online.

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