Movies July, 28 2012

James Bond 007 Escorts The Queen To The London 2012 Olympic Games

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In general London definitely impressed with its opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games. Telling the story of industrialization, the entire ceremony was beautiful, well executed and even though many thought Beijing was hard to top, they actually might have managed.

Nevertheless for many the highlight was the British humor infused into the ceremony, with the highlight being Daniel Craig as James Bond escorting The Queen to the 2012 Olympic Games. On screens James Bond walks into The Queens Buckingham Palace and when many thought an actor would replace her, she turned around and one realized that the real Queen was playing herself in the trailer. What followed was James Bond and The Queen going on board of a helicopter, which would fly to the Olympic Park, where Bond and the Queen jumped out, arriving outside the stadium just in time for her big entrance. Wow!

Of course Craig and The Queen did not actually parachute out of the chopper, but otherwise it was really them. Unfortunately we could not find a video embed to show you the 4 minute trailer and parachute action. Have a look around the net and try BBC One to see the opening ceremony again.

Otherwise here some images for you to get an idea of what actually happened.

You can watch the official new Olympics TV Spot for the next James Bond 007 film, Skyfall, here.