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Everlane Basic T-Shirts - Made in the U.S.A.

Longtime readers will know that I tend to obsess over proper, perfect fit t-shirts. The most basic of all staple items in my wardrobe, a t-shirt, when properly cut, works as good as any garment. For instance, when planning a good evening with dinner and dancing, I make sure to choose a t-shirt that I will not mind exposing at 4:00 am during those peak hours in the club. By that time, the temperature is climbing and I will likely disrobe out of my button down. I better have a good t-shirt underneath to keep things going for a few more hours. I deserve it; techno deserves it.

But not all t-shirts work: some are too thin, some are too heavy. Finding a correct weight and fit balance can be tricky. Lucky for me, I have found a contender to keep the night going and more importantly, they are made right here in the U.S.A.

Everlane is a direct to consumer basics maker, manufacturing their wears in the great city of Los Angeles. What I love about Everlane beyond fit is the softness and weight of the shirts. Founder Michael Preysman, tells us that “all of the shirts are garment dyed so we can hit a specific softness level after they’re sewn.” This is the kind of thinking that will keep consumers coming back to a locally manufactured brand. Or maybe its the $15 price-point on their t-shirts. Those looking for other colors in t-shirts will be pleased by Everlane’s offering as well.

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