C SEED 201 by Porsche Design - Really Big LED TV

Porsche Design Studio goes to new levels with their work on the C SEED 201 – quite possibly the world’s largest outdoor LED TV at 201 inches of viewing. Honored with the red dot award for best design of 2012, the C SEED 2012 opens into full view in 40 seconds allowing for  obstruction-free viewing when elevated. “Conceived as the “seed” of future outdoor entertainment, this soaring monolith topped by a 201 inch screen represents a radical advance in open-air viewing… seven silently unfolding panels interlock to form a seamless screen that comes alive with ultra-high-resolution-images in 4.4 trillion radiant colors. Push a button and the choice is yours: HDTV, Blu-ray movies, sporting events, or golf on a gaming console.”

Available in limited quantities, the C SEED 201 is now on display in Vienna.

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