Sneakers August, 25 2012

Burn Rubber x Reebok Question ‘Apollos Young’

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Inspired by colors of the 1996 Detroit Pistons and the crazy life of legendary Detroit grammar school fenom Apollos “The S is silent” Young, Burn Rubber presents an exclusive colorway of the Reebok Question. Here’s a snippet of the Apollos Young legend:

In the 4th & final game of the Pistons (1996ish) preseason game, in front of a packed crowd, Apollos Young put on an amazing show. 54 pts, 31 rebs, 22 steals, 0 assts. Other than the fact that he’d cursed his coach out, punched a referee, & fondled a cheerleader, A.Y. was having a great game. His team was down 2, with 10 seconds to go on the clock. The entire world was watching, and Apollo knew it, he was born for this moment. The ball is inbounded to the inquiry, the clock starts to tick. 9, A.Y. calls for an iso at the top of the key. 8, he looks off a wide open teammate in the corner for the 3 pt attempt. 7, the entire stadium is on its feet. 6. The Inquiry, starts his signature (crossover) move. 5, he completely embarrasses the defender, and has a wide open lane to the basket. 4, he stops, pulls up for 3. 3, the ball is in the air, it looks good. 2, the ball is still in the air, and it still looks good. 1, the ball hits the rim, it rolls around the rim 2 times. Everyone in the stands is in awe of what is developing right in front of there eyes. When he comes down from his picture perfect jumper, a .45 caliber pistol falls from his waistline & 3 shots go off. The first shot, hit the opposing coach in the shoulder, the second shot …, the third shot struck the basketball & knocked it off of the rim ruining the perfect storybook ending for Apollos Young. After that debacle, The Inquiry was no more. No team in the entire free world was willing to give him a second chance, and every sponsor he had, pulled out of the deals that were on the table.

Available September 1st at 12PM.