In the fifth instalment of our Instagram extention to the Highsnobiety “5 Tumblrs…” program, we check in with five of the six individuals who make up the #BEEN #TRILL collective. For those of you unaware, #BEEN #TRILL member number 6 is Yeezy World Peace (aka Kanye West) who unfortunately does not partake in the photo sharing service that is Instagram.

Though the photo quality from these 5 art directors isn’t always top notch, the subject matter and perspective is on another level. Have a look and get inspired..

virgilabloh – Mr. Pyrex Vision is one of Kanye West’s closest advisors and is all about fancy things. Mixing Celine and a Supreme Kate Moss tee? Why not.

heronpreston – Heron Preston aka Maserati Flamez lives the life. Plenty of shots of him and his crew having way too much fun. Pictured above are Virgil and Flo.

jjjjound – Inventor of the photo stream blog, JRS Rules keeps things a little more low key than the others on this list, but still provides a steady stream of inspiration. We’re partial to this Happy Snob, Angry Snob, Sad Snob illustration.

matthewmwilliams – Art Director/Photographer Matthew Williams aka Pretty Blanco keeps it super tril working with SHOWstudio, Kanye West and A$AP. Gold watches, gold iPhones, gold grills and much more.

missflorenciag – The sole female member of the squad, FLO just joined Instagram yesterday… Yeah this shot’s blurry but it’s DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia wearing a Supreme shirt of himself and Juicy J. Looking forward to more.

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