Music September, 8 2012

    The Wire’s Michael K. Williams Reveals Mixtape He Made for Omar

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    Michael K. Williams, who played Omar Little on HBO’s The Wire — one of TV’s most memorable and best characters — revealed the playlist he made especially for the antihero. Williams revealed that all characters that he plays receive a carefully crafted playlist. He tediously selects songs for each one, and for Omar, the playlist looks like this:

    • 2pac, “Unconditional Love”
    • Nas, “Let There be Light”
    • Young Jeezy, “Dreamin’”
    • Mary J. Blige, “My Life”
    • Lauryn Hill, “Oh Jerusalem”
    • Jay-Z, “You Must Love Me”
    • 2pac, “So Many Tears”
    • Biggie Smalls “Suicidal Thoughts”
    • Young Jeezy “Bury me a G”
    • Jay-Z, “Oh My God”
    • Biggie Smalls, “Who Shot Ya”
    • 2pac, “Against All Odds”
    • Biggie Smalls, “Everyday Struggle”
    • Nas, “One Mic”
    • Lauryn Hill, “War in the Mind”
    • Common, “It’s Your World”
    • Lauryn Hill, “Mystery of Iniquity”
    • Meshell Ndegeocello, “Akel Dama (Field of Blood)”
    • Lauryn Hill, “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind”
    • 2pac, “Dear Mama”
    • Sun Tan “Sunscreen”


    We leave you with a memorable scene above in which Omar and Brother Mouzone confront each other. Real recognize real in this scene. “Omar listening.”